Social media manipulation and trend management of Kathua incident

I have no soft corner for any heinous criminals. Nor do I support the heinous crimes of journalists of crying wolf, at a time that suits them. But, this guy @WrongDoc on Twitter just spent 30 minutes and was able to call the bluff around this crime and the media/political propaganda, which is being spun to make fools out of common citizens. Read on!

See how the Kathua twitter activity started trending – how this is a social media manipulation and trend management.

I checked the Twitter Trend statistics for and found that it peaked interest late on 9th April 2018. The day ‘s farce of a fast was ridiculed. The Kathua case happened in January 2018.

This is the last three months twitter activity of Kathua hashtag. The crime was discovered and first arrest made on 19th January- so it takes in account the whole timeline. See when the interest peaked?


The Twitter activity started with This tweet according to analysis. The handle belongs to a journalist who works for – which is run by . This was the kindling.

Next influential tweet about Kathua comes from Barkha. Then and then you can see the following order.

These are the handles that chronologically followed tweeting in synchronicity about Kathua, after this dog whistle was sent out from Print Journo of Shekhar Gupta and Barkha of Quint.

Tweet activity started as clockwork with synchronised timing at 2:30 pm (time zone reference may change actual time) on 12th and 13th April. On 12th April by 7:30 pm the activity was dead but by 13th it grew into real people outraging- the manipulation was successful.

I again checked the chronicity of tweets for last 3 months- to include the full timeline of the crime’s course. No significant interest in twitter outrage before trigger on 9th and 10th.

This is the world-map of influence about Kathua tweets in last 3 months. Interestingly, Russia features here!


As I give it some time, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Senegal, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan (naturally!) Phillipines also start lighting up on the tracker.


I’m not discrediting or denying your emotions and rage about the Kathua case. You are right to feel angry, I feel much the same. But what exactly are you angry about? Who are you letting use your anger?

Blood and bones of Asifa Bano are being ground up to fertilize your anger, your emotions. Your anger and emotions are being harvested to feed the political hunger of people who go on symbolic fast. Don’t feed their greed now, or they sure will sacrifice another one another day.

This emotional manipulation and outrage harvest are the tools of social media propaganda. This is what Zuckerberg admitted to selling. This is what Twitter is doing, knowingly or otherwise. This is why there was a Hand on the wall of the Cambridge Analytica office.

Don’t you feel fucking stupid, outraging about Cambridge Analytica one day and falling victim to engineered social media outrage harvesting your emotions over the carcass of a child the very next day? Did you think the data harvesters wanted to see your selfies??

All credits of this write-up go to Be’Havin!‏ @WrongDoc.


51 thoughts on “Social media manipulation and trend management of Kathua incident

  1. Ppl are protesting against indifferent attitude of govts, unruly behaviour of lawyers, most of all those demons who killed that innocent child, if Nirbhaya led modi to the seat of throne, let asifa show him the way back

    1. Nirbhaya did not bring Modi to PM’s office nor would he lose it to the present incident. Only a few biased would think so

      1. Well said, the dynasty had sucked more blood than requored. They were already thrown in the dust bin.

      2. Better than a man who is an apology of a Prime Minister, who has chosen to stay silent at every human atrocity committed under his watch, who has fanned the flames of religious intolerance for political gain, for whom his entire tenure had been sit elections or self aggrandisement.

        Yes thank you, even Pappu with all his shortcomings and stupidity is preferable than a man who is morally if not physically a murderer.

        And I dare the blog owner to publish my comments, if he has the balls – proverbial and actual!

    2. Misplaced anger. The protest is for defamation of Hindus, eradication of temples in J&K and vouching minority votes. Open your eyes. I strongly condemn the murder and the culprits must be punished harshly, but no innocents should be dragged into it.

  2. Simply BRILLIANT!!…have had my doubts on this …you just confirmed it …the frickin media & politicians go hand in hand…corrupt, irresponsible & selfish to the core…they shd be shot dead!!…

    1. Moreover such coordinated and malicious campaign to discredit the establishment happens, almost always against the NDA and around important election. Hope we are aware of the importance of Karnataka elections for the national polity.

  3. Carcass – really!? That’s the word that comes to your mind to describe a torturrd-to-death little child’s body? That one word negates your entire article. And by the way, why does the timng matter? Why didn’t someone from the BJP or it’s IT team tweet about it in Jan itself? They are IN the govt of J&K. The law and order issue is right in their laps. Why did they not also take it to the public and state their anguish at what had happened?

  4. Its politics of the vilest form. But then any scoundrel would be rightly offended to be associated with politicians today.

    The old saying “politics is the last resort of scoundrels” is as grave an insult to scoundrels as is calling a dalit something like low class.

    1. Ask Bloody evil britisher lord Herbert Hope Risley who created the dalit ,SC and 200 other cast’s in India will find him rotting in hell

  5. Yabba what analysis, you are very smart. Maybe you should mention that the charge sheet of the incident was also filed on the same day its twitter activity peaked and I guess you know like journalists sort of tweet about news first, no? No, none of this will be convenient for the narrative you choose to force here. Well done.

  6. More Rapes are unfortunately happening all over the world. To single out India or hindus is itself a criminal act and MUST be stopped.

    Muslims are not as holy as they pose to be . Muslims are not shamed by anyone.. Allah is not blamed in Pakistan .It is a social crime and dealt with as per the law. In India, these rapes are being organised to defame Modi/BJP and hindus. More such incidents should be expected as elections come near

    1.PAK Maulvi who raped and killed 9 year old CONFESSES without Guilt and Justifies it-Video

    2. Child rape: Three-year-old assaulted by madrassa teacher

    3.Female prisoners who are virgins must be raped before execution, to prevent them from entering heaven.”
    4. Panchayat orders ‘revenge rape’ of teen girl

    1. So your point being if some mullah rapes kids it must be ok if your side does it? Was the mullah also supported by members from the ruling party?

      As for this article itself, the author conveniently forgets the nationwide outrage caused by politicians and lawyers refusing to allow the charge sheet to be filed.. or the protests in support of the accused. But of course the author is not a sanghi troll.. we just have to take his word for it

    2. Why should you tout Muslims raping girls? Is this some sick competition?

      What is henius is that grown up MEN raped a child, that too in a temple, MEN who were protected by the powers that be and the social media and tech savvy author wants to reduce it to managed Twitter trends….

      I am a Hindu and it sickens me that something like this could be done inside a temple. To me it’s the MEN who thought of this, the MEN who did it, the MAN who travelled miles to indulge in this perverseness – I don’t see Hindus or Muslims, I only see the MEN!

      But yes, I don’t think I can go inside a temple again without wondering if this too held countless horrific stories that never come to light. So much for the guardians of Hinduism who don’t think twice about desecrating their own place of worship in the worst possible way. So much for Hindutva’s self proclaimed guardians!

      Inhuman bunch of idiots!

      1. Show where the word competition or the sense of it is mentioned. I will delete the article. Grow some brain, along with aggression. Will help a lot.

  7. Who mind about trends!!!.for a normal human being, only thing matter is that a heinous crime committed against a child and there was attempt to protect the monsters. Suggest you to discuss your research in your family, especially if you have a daughter.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I would love to see the author wrote the sane article of it was his child that was being trended on Twitter!

  8. Those who publicize victims name and photo in a rape case has commercialized this issue.
    (As per POSCO law it is punishable to name victim as also her photo. )

  9. This is how chanels win thier bread and help politicians gain advantages for few corers . The term prestitude is not wrong but real potrait of how news agencies works.

  10. I don’t see the point of the article. Why does timing of publicity of an issue matter? A crime committed whenever is still a crime. While justice delayed is justice denied, atleast, here there will likely be some justice, bcos some journos were able to express outrage and highlight the issue. Isn’t that what they are supposed to do?

  11. These Bastards Know that it is impossible to defeat Modi in next Elections , so by hook or crook trying to tarnish his image.Some of the anti Modi Media are made handle by paying huge amount.This type of journalism is very dangerous – Anti National / Anti Social , I would say it is a type of Terrorism.

  12. This oaf must feel very clever, having discovered some utterly irrelevant blips on social media. What I find amazing is his need to display his oafishness by shouting about it from the rooftops. He sounds like someone who has been repeatedly hit on the head with a blunt instrument as a child

  13. Beautifully ordered article explaing the chronologicaly. Thanks for taking your valuable time to present the pseudo characters of the so called journs. Shame on them. They don’t mind to sell there own mother for the sake of money. Regards

  14. We are not bother about Twitter or media, how they have performed. Are you trying to say that rape of 8 year old did not happened ? You are trying to say that after rape they did not kill Asifa ? Are you trying to say that rape and killing of 8 year old is not a big issue in India ?

  15. Unfortunately in India there is total freedom of Press who are pumped in with billions of dollars to give Nagative Information to Public.
    THE RAPE has been Turned down by Medical Panel. Can these ass holes repay the damage caused to the Country by these Negative & Paid Channels.

  16. Agree! Most people I HEARD on first few days had tremendous outrage but sooner thd other side of stories came out forget outrage for rape there is big reverse outrage towards Anti national Jurnos

  17. A girl is raped and killed inside a temple. I wonder if the writer or his supporters would have reacted any differently if the situation was turned around. Suppose a Hindu 9 year old was raped in a mosque, I wonder how this article would have read! What a shame to justify the actions of a monstrous ethnic cleansing !

      1. Oh really. Can u plz include as to when investigation report became public.. u smartly covered that to ur advantage @$$hole

  18. In USA or UK MILLIONS of similar are reported every year. No body in the World knows about it. Unfortunately India accomodated millions of Enemies on it’s Soil, by diluting Two Nations by our Prime Minister & Father of Nation.

  19. All the fools commenting how smart this @$$hole, check in google when investigation report became public. India is doomed if two ppl can spark such an outrage…selective brainwashing..hats off to fools who second ur reasearch guys. Grow up for a change and question ..both pappu and feku..

  20. What a moronic article! Therein lies the difference between being educated and being simply literate.

    To reduce the rape of an 8 year old child and the apathy of the administration to do something about, and voices raised asking for redressal to Twitter trends is the working of either a sick mind or a fairly well oiled machinery intended to attack, undermine & counteract perceived political mileage of a fast. Stupid political parties, all of them. And stupid propaganda bloggers!

    I wonder if you would have penning and waxing eloquent about twitter trends if it had been your 8 year old that the journos were taking to Twitter about!

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