Oh India…..I love you

Wait a minute……whom are we trying to blame here!!? Why are we holding police responsibility for all the rapes that are happenings around the country (or even the around world)!? The rape statistics in India are horrifying and they say that 97% of the rape cases are committed inside the house (by known people) and only 3% of cases are reported as committed in the area that can be referred as “in public vicinity”. Even out of the 97% cases of domestic rape cases…..the assaults are done by people who are called as “Father, Brother, Father-in-law, Neighbor, Friend, Ex-boyfriend, Ex-husband, Cousin, Brother-in-law”. These are the people who are supposed to protect a woman in the real sense, in all rights, at all the times. When the people who are supposed to protect are committing these crimes why are blaming the police!? I am not saying police has done their jobs at the best. What I am saying is, neither the root the problem nor the solution are Police. It;s us……the people, the community, the neighborhood, and the people whom we choose to bring in the change in the society we live in  (we call them as our leaders……but in reality they are bloody politicians)

I believe the people to be blamed are (possibly in an order):

  1. The government (both state and central) who have not tried to bring the change
    1.  into the judiciary mechanism by changing the way a rapist is punished (so that the thought of rape is negatively stoked)
    2. nor by changing the way a rape victim is treated by the police or the court or the society (so that victim’s are encouraged to report the incidents and the wrongdoer is punished)
    3. nor by creating fast track courts or maintaining them in a functional manner
    4. nor by instilling confidence in creating awareness campaigns for women about their protection (so that the women are informed and empowered about their rights)

2.       The National Commission for Women (so called the govt body working on women’s rights and protection)

a.       for not spending the grants righteously to create awareness and protect women’s interests by financially assisting the rape cases (with legal fees and aides) to make sure the cases are logically and judicially seen an end

b.      for creating corpus which will subsidize courses for women on self protection (like SM Krishna subsidized IT education in Karnataka with NIIT, Keonics and Aptech). I know it’s a small initiative but can create a stronger and able community in the long run. We can even make self protection courses as mandatory from higher secondary schools.

3.       The men who are committing the crime, for proactively not going through a psycho-therapy for even getting an idea of such a heinous act like rape. Please let’s not be idiots who will say “Ladies these days are dressed in a way that encourages men to rape them”. Because that statement will only encourage me (and I am sure some more sensible men out there) to slap in the face of the person who says so. We have enough examples of the countries where ladies dress more “provocatively” (it’s a nonsense word, but I have to use it here) but still the instances of rape are lower than India. The reasons for such a protection are I am sure simple (like stringent laws, priority to these cases over stupid civil legalities about a piece of land etc,. and harsher punishments). Rape is a psychological act, and hence is a social problem. I am not sure what can be done here to make men realize that they are mentally sick if they are thinking to rape a woman (that too in someone in their own house or neighborhood). If there are more intelligent men out there, please fill me in here.

Then at last……..yes THE POLICE

4.       The police, for not creating an environment where people feel as walking in fearlessly and report a bad incident. This applies not just rape cases but for any bad incident. When I was attacked at 10:30 PM in Bangalore (let’s admit, 10:30 PM in Bangalore is not too late in night where police can say what are doing so late out on the streets), and when I walked into the police station requesting them to come with me so that I can identify them for next actions, they were reluctant to do so or even take my complaint (well…that’s a totally different story let’s not talk here :)). I read in the paper the police in Delhi offered the parents of the poor girl money to keep quiet. It was shocking at so many levels!! (Perhaps, this is the first case in India with “reverse bribery”, where police offered money to a civilian 🙂 🙂 )

I wish god should have created a disease, just like AIDS or Ebola, which can kill a man only when he violates or rapes a woman!! I think at this point in time only such a miracle can stop these rape cases by happening again and again, unless we think about the above 4 points 🙂 🙂

P.S: The above lines are written with a generic intent in mind. I am equally eloquent and critical about the  sexual violations that happen on men/boys. Just clarifying that I am not (pseudo)feminist who barks in the media 🙂